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How I Improved My Scouting Skills In Madden NFL 17 In One Day

What happened to the people again here, we have to do a little bit of lesson on how to scout offensive players to see everyone in my rebuild always ask me like mango you have such a good draft there is such an amazing draft dress. No matter what it really is not really hard. You just have to know what to look for. For me, I would say that eighty-five percent of the time combined statistics are not important. They are just more often not a determinant of the decision Factor I'm really going to go and put down the players or no.


We're scouting and we'll start with quarterback, which is a bit different from last year. That's why I feel they need to make this blog again. So last year I'm looking for 4a minus or better. It's almost the same thing this year except for more. Because you can see there's a throw of power any - so if you really looking for a talented player. I would say that Going to be acceptable is a first choice when you enter the next category and are usually a good sign that you would want to b + throw the precision now and it's not. It's short or the middle two will be fine And then you will want at least one in the next step now for the red Ebola. He has thrown out they did not give him good luck but Cleveland has passed the accuracy med they give him the first day of talent it better Have it's more accurate than throwing in the run or play the action is consistent. I do not know if it makes it so you will want to have more accuracy if you can make them as B + in the second line of the second And then ideally it will be another B +, which is like you know once in a lifetime that once in a period of time you will want to have, more often these two Players here in the Eric Parliament and Thomas Cleveland. They will be your best player in the draft quarterback range. If their advice with her is a throwing force will be better, Thomas Cleveland looks absolutely fantastic Exactly what I want. Depending on the type of comedy you can determine if he is fast. He will have more value but the way but now move half.


It's for me that it sucks but really seems to type The player's things quite a bit like the balance is usually I'm looking for power to come back and they are usually not quick to come back and they can truck it all. And usually they are not even fast either the speed of one of these locations. Actually really important to the whole I will say, you are looking for a balance. They will have the best combination of things that they most often do not have as much as a negative 2b plus carry, which is good but you are looking for those as much as possible if you can get all the statistics. I mean a minus one of the 28 pluses will be very rare and I only see one and two so far but the top three players are a good start. Especially At the time here with I if he runs a van now if he runs like a 46 I might not recommend drafting it just a little slower I like it but the truck is pretty open this year you are doing a normal rebuild just looking for Those statistics.


Immediately I do not really interested in the shock want refuge. Because the second set is not very good. Nor is his third start b + is here from Rodriguez Harold and respond to James has been in the place where I want, although Rodriguez Harold is given here the second potential. Depending on how fast I will say that this is a very good player and I will not hear the middle The second round of the analysis and then respond to James here is very nice as well as it's really a minus 2b plus three skill combinations. The third is really not so important, it's really you're looking for a halfback we are a lot. We just want to subtract first. You really cannot discard any of these players in my opinion, advance to the next week.


There are not so many good times when they are always terrible so if you can find these spans - and even some are thrown there if Jackson can be said. And ideally if you can find a blocked style People like to see these people are vertical threats.